“Thanks to Design Management Europe, bringing the DME Awards and Evaluation System to EU. We are very glad to say that we were the finalist DME Award and we got the DME Award as a nominee last year.”

Sertac Ersayin

Kale Construction Group

Vice President — Design and Innovation / CDO

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“Receiving an honourable mention at the 2010 DME Awards, alongside internationally acclaimed entities from the world of Design Management, was, as far as Revigrés is concerned, a reflection of our innovative and effective Design Management strategies, and is something we are extremely proud of.

The aforementioned award was yet another incentive to carry on with and strengthen our predefined policies, and a stimulus to continue to differentiate in all areas of activity, boosted by the design competency we have acquired.”

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Pars Pro Toto


“We joined the DME award competition 2009 with the work we had done for a brand new baby products brand.

We were immediately convinced about the DME concept and were very curious about the other competitors. Finally a competition that threats design as more than an aesthetic aspect of products.

Over the last 5 years I have followed the competition closely and even use the cases in a course I teach to master students.

I strongly hope that this initiative will not fade away but will be recognized by the European authorities and can help many other companies to bring their design management skills to a higher level and support in this way the European competitiveness.”

Johan Bonner

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“Entering the DME Award was a great and very valuable experience for us. We were able to learn a lot from other participants and found much appreciated inspiration for our exciting Design Management journey.”

Lenka Novotna

Managing Director

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“We have joined the DME competition In 2012 (Category: micro company) for 3 main reasons:

1. It was the perfect tool and reason forcing us to present our company in a very compact yet essential presentation and to show how design is integrated in our processes and management supporting our strategy and vision.

2. Matching us with other European micro companies in their respective regions in Europe in general and to see how the implementation of good design management was being done in different ways.

3. Joining the competition is also a learning process for all involved in and outside the company to enhance our own innovation and competitiveness. The questionnaire — begin part of the application — is a good tool to make fully clear the strengths and the opportunities for further improvements and developments. As a result of participating we have been challenged to think how design can become even more part of the company’s core values, more than just following formal processes to became a part of the company culture. The feedback from the jury is a very unique contribution from the organization to all participants.

Design is and will remain an inherent part of our strategic plans. The design planning is a dynamic process that drives the business.

And finally yet, it takes a lot of work to go the whole process but it also makes fun, is rewarding and end result can be used to further improve and stimulate our business. And that is offer you really can’t refuse…”

Michel Krechting


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