DME Award Ceremony 2007


LocationEssen, Germany

Venuered dot design museum

Date: 22nd of November 2007

After almost 2 years of preparation, the DME Award successfully launched in 2007. During an inspiring and exciting ceremony the DME Award Partners celebrated with Reinhard Büscher (Head of Unit, Innovation Policy Development Enterprise and Industry DG, European Commission, 2007), Oliver Wittke (Minister of Construction and Transport of the State North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 2007) and over 350 international guest from politics, economy and media. The DME Award Winners 2007 were honored in the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany.

For this first DME Award competition over 230 companies, organisations and institutions from 21 European countries followed the call to enter. Companies like Loewe, Festo and Bosch & Siemens competed in six categories: micro, small, medium and large companies, non-profit organisations and new comers.

18 companies were presented with a DME Award for their successful Design Management practices. A further 26 companies were distinguished with an Honourable Mention from the panel of international Design Management Experts for their outstanding Design Management approach.

Check out the DME Award Winners and Honourable Mentions 2007.


Prof. Dr. Peter Zec (President Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, President red dot, Senator International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)

“As one of the German partners of this ambitious EU project, we are particularly proud that in the face of the strong competition the German companies have had such great results.”

Oliver Wittke (Minister for Building and Transport for the State of North Rhine Westphalia, 2007)

“The DME Award is an important part of the European Commission`s project ADMIRE. I am impressed by the large number of participants from all over Europe. This indicates the importance of design management for companies.”

Reinhard Büscher (Head of Unit Innovation Policy Development Enterprise and Industry DG, European Commission, 2007)

Confirmed the work of the ADMIRE Team and encouraged them to proceed with their work in the future. Innovation would not be based on scientific work but on the interaction and the exchange of ideas.



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