Homeware and furniture
Company name: Vlaemsch
Company size: Micro
Company web site: http://www.vlaesmsch.be
Date of Foundation: 2004
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
From a standing start in 2004 Vlaemsch( ) has blossomed into a respected distributor of an eclectic range of Products. Inspired by the vision of the companies founder Casimir. From the beginning the company deliberately chose to produce their offerings in large volumes and take an active approach to marketing. The company works with a small group of experts, professionals and product designers, both individuals and groups, to bring items to Market that fit the Vlaemsch( )Design philosophy. Manufacturing is done in Belgium and surrounding countries with the close proximity leading to more enjoyable collaborations and tighter control of product Quality. The corporate Identityhas played a leading role in the company’s progress from the start and has been continually evolved during that time Recognition of the Identity is high and growing. The product range started with accessories added small furniture and has now progressed into lighting. Extensive use is made of e mail and the internet to promote Vlaemsch( ) and its Products. Vlaemsch( ) links creativity and Design flair, managing Design to bring together the skills of managers and the dreams of designers for success.

Casimir and the Vlaemsch( ) label

‘There are many roads, but there is no Rome, was the title of a thesis during Casimir’s Industrial Design course. It is illustrative of the man’s vision of work and life. His Vlaemsch( ) design label, established in 2004, received an honourable mention in the Design Management Europe Awards. A recognition of hard work Casimir reckons, but he wouldn’t be himself if he thought this was enough..

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