Vacu Vin

The Netherlands
Company name: Vacu Vin
Company size: Medium
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 1986
Nr. of Employees: <250

Case summary:
A family business that has grown to 35 staff, with a product range of over 30 innovative Products in Wining, Dining and cooling, from its initial start in 1986, Vacuvin has become a Global Brand. The first product, a vacuum pump to preserve wine, was patented and has achieved more than 30 million sales. The company continues to have Growth ambitions, aiming to enlarge the range and launch 10 New Products a year. As it developed,R&D has expanded into engineering and Design departments with effective communication. Early involvement of those developing product has enabled them to reduce time to Market and changes in processes allowed them to meet targets. Review and analysis identified a lack of a strong logo and an Identity that caused confusion, resulting in theirProducts being spread around stores. A New company Identity was developed to present the Vacuvin product lines as a coherent whole. The complete redesign involved the Packaging and all Communicationsmaterial, which created a powerful image with Improved recognition and presentation in stores, as a single range. The investment in Designquickly produced the Results wanted: increased demand across the range. Passionate about Innovation, they have a strategy to Designunique, preferably, patented Products. To achieve originality, they draw inspiration from idea generation, Market research and customer suggestions. Their processes include evaluation and cost Managementto ensure a balance between Quality and attractive price, and a core value of functionality.

Vacu Vin – Functionality, originality, quality
In 1986, wine merchant Bernd Schneider and his brother John Schneider devised a unique concept for a vacuum pump, which allows wine that has already been opened to be kept for longer periods of time. The design was patented and the Vacu Vin B.V. company was set up shortly afterwards. Since then, Vacu Vin has become a global brand and – in contrast to the 20,000 originally forecast on the basis of market research – more than 30 million vacuum pumps have been sold…

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