Urban Tool

New-age label combining fashion, sports and mobile technology
Company name: Urban Tool
Company size: Micro
Company web site: http://www.urbantool.com/
Date of Foundation: 2004
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
URBAN TOOL is a New-age label based in Vienna, Austria focusing on aNew Market between fashion,sports, and mobile Technology. Combining functionality and a cool Design, the URBAN TOOL productshold personal items (phone, i-Pod, wallet, keys etc.) securely and comfortably. Step by step, URBAN TOOL is preparing the Market to get ready for advanced wearable Technology that ensures Improved Quality of life and a sustainable approach to future developments. Furthermore, URBAN TOOL appeals for a more
The story of URBAN TOOL began when Kurt Tanner, the associate of today’s trading company and husband of Sabrina Tanner, required a solution to carrying his personal technical equipment close to his body.

Hence Sabrina Tanner, product designer and today’s CFO, started to create a wearable “tool” worn around the chest that would meet his particular needs in his dynamic everyday life. The very first “urban tool” was born. Soon it turned out that Kurt was not alone in his needs and that there was a huge group of active, modern people relying on technical equipment that were making the same demands. More and more people in the streets of Vienna were asking for a solution that would allow them to store away all their personal things and carry them around close to the body.
The successful use of design is based on the fact that Urban Tool never had to make the decision to implement or start design. Urban Tool was invented and established out of a personal need and was initiated by design. The whole business is run by designers. Urban tool is design as such, and the whole idea is based on design and its functions. Design is used as a company strategy and process to establish a new brand for a totally new market…

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