Tariş Zeytin

Olive oil producer
Company name: Tariş Zeytin
Company size: Large
Company web site: http://www.ta-ze.com.tr/
Date of Foundation: 1942
Nr. of Employees: <250

Case summary:
Taris Zeytin is a major cooperative of olive oil producers in Turkey. When a Change in Regulations occurred in 2000, a century old strategy based on selling its Products at lower prices had to Change. This caused them to re-define their strategy to position itself as a Brand. The first step towards gaining Market recognition was to create a separate company in charge of developing and managing the whole Brand. The first Marketresearch showed that Taris Zeytin was an unrecognised Market leader.Design was called in at multiple levels. Two External consultancies were hired in order to develop all the Communications and Brand philosophy, and the Design of all Packaging, labels, exhibits and stores is done by an in-house designer. Rather than blending all the produce from different sources into a single and homogeneous product, Taris Zeytin’s strategy is to highlight the specific taste of the produce from its 33 local cooperatives. Each olive oil is designed as an individual “product”, with a total Quality Management approach. The company has challenged the conventions of its field, using New visuals, developing a New languagerather than operating in terms set by the Competition. It also expands its offer by selling oil by-Products , such as soaps. This successful approach has led it to develop specific stores add Products that would match theQuality of the oil, and position itself as a Brand that sells also an Aegean foodstyle.

History and structure of Tariş
The story starts in 1900s with the establishment of the first Tariş cooperative to organize and protect the rights of the farmers cultivating Aegean products including figs and olives. Tariş Olive Oil cooperative was established as a separate body in 1942. The Cooperative has operated under the shadow of governments and been used as an economic tool to keep a balance between supply and demand in the markets rather than being managed as private commercial enterprises, as all the other cooperatives.
The milestone has been the changes in the law letting cooperatives gain an autonomous structure and the ability to operate as self sustainable private enterprises, in 2000.
Tariş Olive Oil initiated a radical transformation from then on, which will also inspire the other cooperatives. This transformation has shifted the company to a market oriented one that has not given up the specific and inimitable values of being an agricultural cooperative in a particular geography but has positioned these values at its centre.
Tariş owns 33 different regional cooperatives and represents 29.000 cultivators (producers) harvesting olives from 25 million trees out of 105 million olive trees in Turkey. The first thing that was done in this journey was to establish a separate marketing company: Tariş Olive, which develops the strategies and carrys out operations related to brand development, design, marketing and sales. A very small team of people from marketing, design and public relations disciplines has been brought together with a unique qualification which is the excitement to “re-discover yourself”. The team was led by the General Manager who is a professional with broad authority and reporting to the Board of Directors…

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