Non-food retailer; fashion industry
Company name: T-Box
Company size: Large
Company web site: http://www.t-box.com.tr
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
Boyner Holding is Turkey’s largest non-food retailer, with no shortage of Resources; 272 stores with 121,864 sq m of sales space and 4,272 employees, however they still faced the age old challenge of entering the overly saturated Market of the fashion industry. Their solution was the innovative idea of creating an entirely New sector, rather than trying to carve out a share in the highly competitive, existing Market. They took essentially simple existing Products, such as t-shirts, and gave them a whole New image, targeting the emerging ‘travelling consumer’ Market.Differentiation of the Brand was successful due to the creativity and Design embedded in each step of production, Packaging, display, Brand Identity and Communications. Every element of retailing of these New goods was designed in light of this strategy, from a novel Pricing method, to where they were sold. They reached out to the traveling consumer using 1500 different sales points, including even street vendors with bicycles. This culminated in an easily accessible Brand that was as much at home in a luxury clothing store as a small town filling station.

Is it still possible to create something really new in the fashion industry?
Boyner Holding is Turkey’s largest non-food retailer with strong brands targeting different customer segments through its 272 stores with a total sales area of 121,864 sqm and 4.272 employees. It has a strong nationwide presence.
Unlike of what might be expected of a typical holding company, the Boyner Group has adopted a vision of “constantly open to new and fresh concepts”. An outcome was the T-box brand, the little pampered kid of Boyner Holding, which was born after a series of brain storming sessions and regular team meetings that lasted over a year. The constant attendees of these sessions were 20 people working in the production, sales, marketing, finance and accounting departments of the company. After the brand was launched, the group was transformed to a larger team including top management of the holding company, an advertising agency, PR agency, staff from other brands within the company and students from faculty of communication…

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