Textiles, Homewear
Company name: Piodão
Company size: Small
Company web site: http://www.designerspad.com.pt
Date of Foundation: 1992
Nr. of Employees: <50

Case summary:
This uniquely positioned small company is distinguished by its Identity,Quality, performance, reliability and its product Design, especially in relation to what they produce: hand made tufted Products. The company started as a tailor made rugs and carpet supplier but has, over the last two years, started targeting their collections to niche markets, with a direct distribution system. Creating their own innovative designs has enabled them to establish a reputation for high value and unusual Design. The company moved from producing high Quality hand tufted rugs for others to their own designs that could better utilise their production capabilities, employing for the first time a designer, as well as partnering with professionals and artistic partners. They have achieved their high standards through strategic and operational diligence together with clear control of the distribution channels.

Getting into market niches
As a small company in an exquisite location, in the middle of the mountains, Piodão rapidly realised the difficulties of getting the clients to come to their facilities. However, they also realised that this was not critical, as long as they kept producing their unique, high value hand made products. Piodão offered its clients the capability to reproduce whatever pattern, illustration, picture or painting reproduction, without almost any limitation in what regards dimension or colour for the clients’ labels.

Yet the CEO wanted more…

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