PDC Brush

Manufacturer, homeware
Company name: PDC Brush
Company size: Medium
Company web site: http://www.pdcbrush.be
Date of Foundation: 1946
Nr. of Employees: <250

Case summary:
As the last surviving brush manufacturer in a town where there were once 96 producers PDC Brush is a testament to the need for continuous improvement, investment and automation. In a sector which is heavily price driven the company has successfully used Design to differentiate and add value to its Products. Working closely with an External Designstudio, Pilipili, has resulted in innovative Products that can be manufactured more easily and with lower material costs that are able deliver better customer satisfaction than similarly priced ones from competitors. The closeness of the collaboration has resulted in a DesignProcess that combines the knowledge and creativity of both the company and its designers in an innovative and productive way. For example; reducing the number of component parts in a product from 12 to 1 with large savings in assembly time, using Prototyping to explore Newconcepts and working with local production to make use of complex combinations of materials. Over time this cooperation has resulted in increased Design awareness and technical knowledge that has enabled PDC Brush to secure and Increase a technological lead over its competitors.

PDC Brush No. 1 in Europe
PDC Brush was founded in 1946 by Decoopman and his wife Christiaens. Back in those days the town of Izegem, in the province of West Flanders, alone had 96 brush factories. Now PDC Brush is the only factory left in the region. Through automation and continuous investments the company has worked its way up to become the biggest producer in Europe, with 70% exports. PDC Brush employs 180 workers in two production plants in West Flanders (Izegem and Roeselare) and one in Romania. Furthermore the company entered in some joint ventures in Sri Lanka and China.

This year’s turnover is around 34 million euros. 80% of production goes to ‘private labels’…

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