Oriol Balaguer

Sweet haute cuisine
Company name: Oriol Balaguer
Company size: Micro
Company web site: http://www.oriolbalaguer.com
Date of Foundation: 2002
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
With a background in confectionery and fine arts, Oriol Balaguer has embedded Design into the heart of his business. He has use it to create distinctive confectionery, innovative sweets have original forms, textures and flavours. This combined with Packaging, which goes beyond protection and visually represents the tastes and textures present in the Products. In its Barcelona shop, the sweets are displayed like expensive jewellery in cabinets that reveal the fine detail of the Products. Design is used to differentiate the confectionery, enhance the shopping experience and communicate the values of the company.

The drive to stimulate and surprise

Oriol Balaguer’s company was born of a passion for confectionery. He learned the trade from his father as a young boy, and when he decided to set up his own business, after having worked with prestigious culinary and confectionery professionals, he did it with the clear conviction that he wanted it to be different from the rest and that innovation had to be a constant in its daily activity.

In 2002, he opened his chocolate and confectionery studio, the first in Spain to be specialised in sweet haute cuisine…

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