National Patient Safety Agency
Company name: NPSA
Company size: Non Profit Organisation
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Date of Foundation: 2001
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
The NPSA case illustrates a creative Management Process that structures highly-focused Problem solving activities to a diverse range of healthcare issues. The NPSA acts in order to improve patient safety in the National Health Service (NHS). The level of knowledge and Expertise that is required to address such problems requires a strategy capable of facilitating contributions from many disciplines and co-ordinating a solution across a wide network of hospitals. Projects may last from a few wee

The NPSA was established in 2001 to co-ordinate the reporting of patient safety incidents and to learn from them and act in order to improve patient safety in the NHS. Around 60,000 incidents are reported every month covering a wide range of issues from the administration of the wrong medicines to the spread of healthcare associated infections.
Learning from patient safety reports includes developing solutions that are practical and deliverable. To be effective they need to address the root causes of incidents and reflect the complexities of healthcare delivery and its environment. Dr Helen Glenister, Deputy Chief Executive of the NPSA, has championed the benefits of good design in the NHS and identified a seven step approach to developing safer practice solutions in the NHS. The stages in this problem solving process are identical to those in the design process, which is essentially a problem solving activity. The names of the stages are different but they work on the same principles to a designer interpretation: identifying the problem, generating ideas, assessing solutions, testing them and evaluation. The final deliverable is a reduction of the type of patient safety incident(s) being adressed…

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