NLISIS Chromatography

Manufacturer of precision equipment
The Netherlands
Company name: NLISIS Chromatography
Company size: Micro
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 2007
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
Nlisis Chromatography, a Technology company involved with creating innovative Products for chemical analysis, was created from a government task force on gas chromatography. It launched the first product, of what is intended to be many, in September 2008. As a small company set up in 2006, Nlisis invested substantially in its Brand and Design strategy. Having a strong Brand was important when launching innovative Technology into an established Market. The Brand needed to both differentiate the company and create confidence in a heavily regulated Market that is cautious of New entrants. The company has worked closely with teams of different designers, who developed the entire Process for the Brand Identity and Brand expressions, starting with the name and the Identity, through to the product Design, the website and all the Communications material including exhibitions. Using all the customer contact moments, it distinguishes itself from others and creates a high Quality tactile image of the product. The first product is the Meltfit One, which can join glass columns of 6-10m long with a diameter of only 1 mm. “The beauty of the product is reflected very well in the Design simplicity”. Based on the initial response, their strategy has been highly successful and there is potential for a worldwide Market for their Products in the future.

Brand and design developed under one roof
Nlisis Chromatography is a young company that has had all the aspects of its brand and design strategy developed in one go. They understood that the company’s image would be enhanced if the visual identity, the product and spatial design are part of a coherent image. Moreover, as a new company, there was a need to define a market at the earliest opportunity.

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