Manuel Cabero

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Company name: Manuel Cabero
Company size: Medium
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 1916
Nr. of Employees: <100

Case summary:
After 90 years in the stationery industry, Manuel Cabero has come to invest in and manage Design effectively.Taking a classic route from Design being unconscious and isolated to being an essential activity, managed with Expertise inside the company and in cooperation with all other departments. Challenged by increased Competition when patent protection ended, the company continues to innovate, as well as renewing and differentiating its two major brands. The company developed processes and organisation for Design through analysing successes and failures, intuitively knowing that Design and its Management were key business tools. Their Products and brands lead the industry, with innovative ideas based on understanding the Market and predicting the future needs of the consumers.

Manuel Cabero, S.A. is a family business established in the early-20th century and whose core business activity focuses on designing and manufacturing stationery for offices, schools, private use and gifts. The company employs 70 people and has total premises of 4,000 square metres spread out between the offices in the centre of Barcelona and the production zone located within the metropolitan area. The various articles are marketed under two brand names: Finocam and Multifin…

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