Agricultural equipment manufacturer
Company name: Labinprogres
Company size: Large
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 1977
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
Labinprogres has used teamwork, creativity and enthusiasm to transform the company, after 80% of its Market disappeared when Yugoslavia was broken up. Designing New Products that differentiated it from international Competition, they have recognised that they need added value, over and above Quality, functionality and durability. Design was not only used in developing New Products but also in their branding and Communications. Their strategy has enabled them to Increase sales, become established in New markets and improve relationships with their Customers. Labinprogres consider that there are three keys to success: a good Design brief, support for teamwork and user oriented Products. They demonstrate this in their effective processes, they way they bring together External designers with all the different departments; engineering, finance, etc and their application of Design to agricultural and garden equipment, a sector that is not typically associated with cutting edge Design. The TPS Labinprogres company went from starting to cooperate with designers, through all stages, to integrating a Design strategy in its business processes. It owes its present success to understanding the value of Design and strategically setting its own goals.

Change Ahoy
The company was established in early 80s as a supplement to the existing ailing mining industry. It originally manufactured walking tractors and various farm attachments such as trailers, field cultivators, ploughs etc. under license from a renowned Italian manufacturer.
Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, the company, like many others in the region, suffered a loss of nearly 80% of the market – practically overnight. Following a few trying years, it was privatized and became a part of Slovenian CIMOS group. The privatization marked a new beginning and a change of course. This is when the integration of design of business processes started.

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