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Company name: KWC
Company size: Large
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Date of Foundation: 1874
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
KWC is a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fittings. Throughout its 130 year history, product Design has been an integral part of KWC’s business. However, over the last 50 years it has been elevated to a strategic element, the philosophy permeates the company on all levels. Managing the KWC Brand has become the responsibility of the entire organisation, with professional designers and interdisciplinary teams involved at all levels of the corporate structure. From Brand communication and promotional activity, right through to product development and Management, they are harmonised to produce a single, consistent corporate image. This stems from uniting marketing, product development, and product Management in an interdisciplinary team under a single manager. Integral to this Process are the in-built feedback systems, in which around 50% of the employees are trained in the details of each New product and the way it is to be introduced, allowing the valuable information gained from after-sales Management to be passed quickly and effectively back up the chain of command. Nothing is seen in isolation, each New product being viewed as an expansion of the company as a whole.

With a history stretching back more than 130 years, the Swiss company KWC AG, which has been a subsidiary of HANSA Metallwerke AG Stuttgart since 1984, produces mid-range and high-end fittings. The company’s product portfolio comprises primarily of internationally successful kitchen and commercial kitchen fittings, which have won distinction for their innovation. they also produce bathroom fittings, the latter having recently acquired a clear focus on international markets.

The company’s most important market is Switzerland, However The company also exports its products to the major foreign markets of Germany, the United States, Italy, France, Austria and about 50 additional countries. Thanks to an intensive effort to focus on design in recent years, especially through the development of products such as its KWC EVE and KWC ONO, KWC has been able to make considerable gains in sales revenue both within Switzerland and abroad.

The company’s plans for the future show that it will continue to focus mainly on its home market of Switzerland and adjacent markets not on global expansion.

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