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Company name: Howest
Company size: Non Profit Organisation
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Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
University College West Flanders HOWEST made a decision in 1995 to introduce more creative masters degree courses later adding bachelors degrees in industrial product Design. To get closer to the businesses in their region, they undertake Design projects using students. This broadens the design experience of students and businesses are exposed to the research and development, engineering and Design. Students on engineering courses at HOWEST are provided with opportunities for contact with designers and companies during their studies. Top international designers from architects through to interior designers and car designers are invited to become guest speakers to inspire and motivate the students. Looking outside its student base, HOWEST runs projects for primary school children and students from technical and vocational colleges. In 2007 an Industrial Design Centre was opened to provide expert Services to businesses, such as Prototyping and rapid manufacturing. HOWEST sees itself as a “breeding ground for knowledge of good Design”

A champion of a multidisciplinary approach to innovation
On 13 October University College West Flanders (HOWEST) carried off a Design Management Europe Award at the Cardiff Design Festival in the non-profit organisation category. The college, which has already won Unizo’s award as the most enterprising in Flanders several times, was now also being commended for its strength in design management.

Frederik D’hulster and Ronald Bastiaens, are coordinators of the industrial design course…

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