Not just another wine merchant
The Netherlands
Company name: Grapedistrict
Company size: Micro
Company web site:
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
When the founders of Grapedistrict started their business, they had a clear intention to revolutionise the way wine was sold. Their vision was to use Design to make wine buying easier for the non expert. Removing the experts who spoke in wine jargon and replacing them with staff who could communicate with Customers at their level. Working closely with professional designers, the company developed a way of guiding their Customers to the right wine for their occasion. This involved the groundbreaking use of colour coding for the wine and for the Design of the shop environment and the website. Making wine accessible was key to the Design concept and everything was focused towards that end. This strategy has enabled Grapedistrict to effectively serve its Market while holding only 50% of the wine varieties held by supermarkets and only a third of that stocked by traditional merchants.

Grapedistrict isn’t just another wine merchant. This two year old Dutch wine retailer wants to break with the conventions and traditions that come with selling and buying wine. In the down to earth retail approach of Grapedistrict design plays an important role.
The three founders of Grapedistrict understood they had to hire a design agency to develop the corporate identity and the interior design for the shop. Most start-up retailers ask their local print shop to design leaflets and the next door whizz kid to make a website. But Gijs Groenevelt, Joost Bockwinkel and Freek Padberg have something bigger in mind than just one shop…

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