Smart Material Products
Company name: Feonic
Company size: Micro
Company web site: http://www.feonic.com
Date of Foundation: 1994
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
Summary: The Feonic case illustrates the power of Design as a tool for making sense of Technology. The company owns a unique Technology for creating and neutralising sound or vibrations in various Environments. The major problem the company faces is to create Products that demonstrate the possible applications of the smart material that is at the core of the Technology. Design has become a strategic tool to commercialise Technology, and their Products have won Design Awards. The company does not own any production facilities and it works by meeting challenges through designing specific Products and by selling licenses to produce the Products. The necessity to focus on user’s needs and to communicate Innovation has lead to an integrated team with a Design Culture and a creative strategy in which the managing director uses visualisation as a way of driving the business.

As you arrive at FeONIC, you enter a designed environment with a modern feel, a smart reception, open plan area and glass partitioned meeting rooms. FeONIC is a technology company that has integrated design into its products and thinking in order to de-science the company’s technology to be as user friendly as possible.

FeONIC is focused totally on the conceptualisation, design, development and commercialisation of innovative products {innovation} based on a specific smart material. FeONIC’s innovative technology utilises the massive magnetostrictive properties of Terfenol-D, a smart material which converts magnetic energy into movement, to create sound, ultrasound and to cancel noise or mechanical vibration or sense pressure. FeONIC have used a set of graphic icons on their glass partitions throughout the office and development centre, representing the most relevant aspects of life in which they believe the technology can make a difference. These are

Sensing, sounding, controlling, dispensing and assisting.

“The technology on its own has only potential, it needs people to convert it into something useful, something useful and relevant to people; without design and engineering it is nothing.” – Brian Smith MD FeONIC …

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