Company name: Eliet
Company size: Medium
Company web site: http://www.eliet.be
Date of Foundation: 1989
Nr. of Employees: <100

Case summary:
A manufacturer of garden machinery Eliet was founded in 1989 and is a family owned business now being run by the next generation from the founders. Recognising that its original Market within the agricultural sector was becoming harder the company moved into the production and supply of garden maintenance equipment. It believed this Market to be less seasonal and had better potential. Origins in the agricultural sector and non Design oriented clientele resulted in utilitarian Products. Emphasis on functionality and robustness acceptable in its business to business operations were less attractive to the DIY sector where the company had identified an opportunity to provide innovative NewProducts. Scaling down existing Products was an unsatisfactory approach and the company recognised the need for an ingenious, easy to store, attractively designed product. Understanding that the skills they required to produce this did not exist internally, they sought External help. PiliPili a multidisciplinary Design studio was able to provide the requiredExpertise and over two years the Eliet Neo, the first domestic garden shredder, was created. Their knowledge of the consumers andTechnology enabled them to create New Products that were patented and meet the needs of the Users, as well contributing to ecological improvement and use of sustainable materials.

Eliet NV is a manufacturer of garden machinery for businesses, local authorities and the general public. The family-run company was founded in 1989 and nowadays is run by the second generation. It employs 60 people and is run by Frederic Lietaer, a civil engineer with an MBA from Vlerick to his credit.

30% of turnover comes from Belgium with, broadly speaking, 70% from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria, as well as regular sales in the United States, Australia and New Zealand…

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