Company name: Drisag
Company size: Medium
Company web site: http://www.drisag.be
Date of Foundation: 1978
Nr. of Employees: <100

Case summary:
Identifying a need to gain more recognition and to operate in an environment that reflected its character, Drisag has moved to a New office building, Frame 21, designed by architects B-Architecten. The move fulfilled a need for increased visibility for Drisag who were seen as a production company lurking besides a motorway and wanted their premises to reflect the excellent work they provide to their Customers. As providers of seating and fabrics to architects and facility managers they had a discerning client base that were not always impressed by the original premises. Using a strong team of its own designers, it works closely with designers from private label brands to create Products that are increasingly in demand.

Drisag intends to dazzle

Herentals office furniture manufacturer Drisag moved into a brand new office building designed by B-architecten. “We needed rather more aura and recognition since we did not really feel comfortable in our old garb, although we supply excellent work to wonderful companies”, says CEO Marcel Smets.

Frame 21, as the new building on the Klein Gent industrial estate is called, bears a passing resemblance to the Link 21 complex a little further on – also the work of Herentals developer Heylen. The number refers to the motorway exit. The associations that ‘Link’ and ‘Frame’ evoke spring from the intricate synergy of the two complexes. Frame 21 generates a new economic dynamic. Head man Wim Heylen describes Frame 21, not without reason, as the big brother of Link 21…

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