Delta Dore

Electronic equipment including telecoms and computers
Company name: Delta Dore
Company size: Large
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 1970
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
The Delta Dore case illustrates the contribution of Design to the consolidation of a large SME that used to be primarily Technology driven. The Integration of Design Management took place after a long and continuous use of product Design. Currently, Design is more and more helping to define the Global Identity of the Brand, and separating and consolidating its perception in relation to different target groups. ButDesign has also become a competence and is an integral part of the service that is offered by Delta Dore to other companies.

Delta Dore was founded in 1970 and has since become one of the leading French manufacturer in domotics (also known as home automation). Its business covers three areas:

• Regulation (thermostats and various devices to control heating),
• Control systems (for lighting, window shutters etc.), and
• Security (anti-theft alarm systems).

One of the specialities of this sector is its dual distribution channels: products are available directly to end users (usually in Do It Yourself chain stores) or ordered by the professionals who will advise the user and will install them. 35% of Delta Dore production is sold in France, another 20% all over Europe, through its affiliates in Spain, Benelux, Portugal, Germany, Poland etc. But Delta Dore is also designing and manufacturing products that are integrated or distributed by other brands.
Design at Delta Dore serves multiple purposes. It ensures that the brand it clearly identified by the various markets. It supports the development of in-house R&D. It consolidates the capability of the company to respond to other manufacturers requirements…

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