Cerámicas Gala

Bathroom fittings
Company name: Cerámicas Gala
Company size: Large
Company web site: http://www.gala.es
Date of Foundation: 1965
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
Gala is the second largest bathroom fittings company in Spain. Their Market significantly changed and they changed their strategy from producing solely ceramics to becoming a full-range supplier for bathrooms. In the Process, the Design strategy was changed as well; to create solutions inside the bathroom rather than Products for it. Responding to recent trends in the building industry, they are increasingly focused on the end consumer . The top Management takes responsibility for integrating Design and marketing elements into the product development Process. Working mainly with External designers they follow three fundamental rules: – Let the designer participate in the strategy of the company. – Let the designer work freely. – Integrate the designer into the structure of the company. The initial Results are becoming visible and measurable, it is successful internationally and these successes motivate Gala to keep pursuing its goals.

Changing the Design Strategy
Gala has been working with external designers for a long time. Because of significant changes in the bathroom fitting market, however, moving toward more complex, innovative and complete solutions for the bathroom, a shift in strategy within the company was required in 2001 – from producing solely ceramics to becoming a full-range supplier for bathrooms. In the process, the design strategy was changed as well.

“The goal was not to have a new creative solution, it was a process to reinvent Gala itself through the new concepts of the products. And the designer was critical to achieve this point.” – Emilio Ferrer

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