Brussels Airlines

Transport, travel and tourism
Company name: Brussels Airlines
Company size: Large
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 2006
Nr. of Employees: <250

Case summary:
When SN Brussles Airlines and Virgin Express merged, the challenge was to create an Identity that would weld together two different organisational cultures into a single strong one and do it in three months. Brussels Airlines, as the New company was called, employed the skills of MAXIMALdesign to rebrand the company and redesign the working environment of the company’s headquarters. The designers had the necessary Expertise to capture the DME of the Brand, the vital spark that makes Brussels Airline different from all others and to communicate it to the world. The premises redesign had the key drivers of: fleexibility,Innovation, cross fertilisation, Integration and branding. Creating an environment where People enjoy working and where visitors can recognise the Brussels Airlines spirit.

Design brings merged companies together
 How do you forge two very different companies into a single functioning whole? Crisis managers and business psychologists have a sweet deal. The basic rule is that you keep what is good about the two and throw out what is bad. But that is not the end of the matter. Creating an overall identity in which everyone can find their place is perhaps the most difficult job. However, design can provide a helping hand in it.

Just take the merger between the much troubled SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express, the latter a pioneer among low cost airlines. In order to forge the two companies, each with a strong but different brand identity, into a recognisable whole within a short time, they called upon a design consultancy. Since the affair had to be done and dusted within three months, the new company, Brussels Airlines, contacted two consultancies for itself. They were asked to produce a concrete proposal within a fixed budget. Of the two consultancies, the unanimous choice was MAXIMALdesign, a company that itself arose from a fusion of two units, a design arm (Maxime Szyf) and a marketing arm (Gert Verschueren). Building on the new logo, the designers went to work, and three months later the rebranding was complete. When you enter Zaventem Airport or the b-house, the nerve centre of Brussels Airlines, you will see nothing but the new brand. The brandscaping has succeeded…

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