Benedetti International

Radical innovation in the field of consumer goods
Company name: Benedetti International
Company size: Medium
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 2001
Nr. of Employees: <250

Case summary:
Benedetti International is the parent company of two companies that place their survival on radical Innovation in the field of consumer goods. The improvement of existing Products enable both companies to generate revenue by selling the Products themselves as well as the suppliers that work with them. The Design department is directly managed by the CEO himself, who sees himself as the Design leader. There is a specific way of hiring designers and making up the Designteam. Benedetti International hosts a fully-fledged Design service with Prototyping facilities. The Design Process appears informal but involves much iteration and has a great deal of resilience. This Expertise has been so effectively applied in-house to successful Products that Benedetti International offers a full range of Design Services for other industries. But, unlike typical Design consultancies, Benedetti International will commit itself by selling its Services against royalties.
Why should first aid boxes be square? Why should they be green? Why haven’t we invented a neat way of dispensing cling film? These questions are the hallmark of an inquisitive mind. Combine that with a passion for design and a shrewd business sense and you have a serial entrepreneur and a walking advertisement for design in business.
Giovanni Benedetti is chairman of Benedetti International, a mother company for Wallace Cameron Ltd and Wrap Film Systems Ltd, two companies that firmly place their survival and success on design and innovation. When he bought Wallace Cameron in 2001 its turnover was £2million, today it is £37million with an 85% share of the UK market and a growing export rate. Similarly with Wrap Film Systems Ltd. It was bought years ago and increased its turnover immensly. In fact, Mr Benedetti has an impressive history of company acquisitions, builds and buyouts – twelve in total, ranging from freight logistics and industrial cleaning to paper systems and launderettes. It is not by accident Benedetti has enjoyed this success. Design and innovation, especially radical innovation where it did not seem possible, are the core values he has applied to all of these businesses.

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