Bene AG

Wood and wood products or Furniture: domestic, commercial and office
Company name: Bene AG
Company size: Large
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Date of Foundation: 1790
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
Established in 1790, Bene is a manufacturer of office furniture and Marketleader in Austria. A major European player with 1,546 employees worldwide and in 2006/07, sales of EUR 198.6 million and an export rate of 68%. It is setting trends in office furnishing with its concepts, Products, and Services. Bene is convinced that there is a clear connection between the Design of office and work Environments, corporate Culture, and a company’s success. Their concepts, Products, and Services turn this philosophy into reality. Together with its Customers and partners, they provide both Products and Services that present workflow, Culture, and corporate Identity spatially. The innovative combination of Bene’s own sales organisation – Bene Sales Net – and CompactFactory delivers an integrated manufacturing and sales system that adapts to both Marketand customer needs. Resulting in a flexible and diverse product portfolio in terms of measurements, surfaces, colours, and materials. Design has always been an integral part of Bene’s product development Process, because furniture in the mid- and high-priced Market Segment is mainly differentiated by Design.

The company
Founded in 1790, Bene started to manufacture office furniture on an industrial level in 1951. Bene has been undisputed market leader in Austria since the early 1970s. At present the company ranks sixth in Europe’s office furniture industry. Bene’s head office and factory are located in Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Lower Austria. The office building, designed by Laurids Ortner, and the assembly hall are a key contribution by Bene to corporate culture. Today Bene is a major European player with a sizeable number of subsidiaries. With 76 sites in 30 countries and 1,546 employees worldwide, Bene offers its customers regional access to all of its services. In the business year 2006/07, consolidated sales of the Bene Group amounted to EUR 198.6 million…

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