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The Netherlands
Company size: Non Profit Organisation
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: None
Nr. of Employees: 250<

Case summary:
For the Dutch Tax and Customs administration, a Design strategy was the means to achieve its objective to easy the pain of paying tax. TheDesign of Communications creates the basis of the relationship with theirCustomers and perception of the organisation. Much research and testing takes place to ensure that the designs meet the needs of theUsers. The corporate Identity and imagery has been reconsidered as they have taken on New Services that require a more personal approach. There is commitment to Design at the highest level of the organisation to ensure consistency of the Identity and appropriateness of language. The organisation works closely with External designers, evaluates their performance regularly and values the relationships. In the near future, the Organisation will face the challenge of further changes in Managementand the introduction of a unified Identity for all government departments, whilst retaining certain visual elements.

Designs vital role in communication
For an organisation that has reluctant customers for the greater part, the reputation of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration isn’t too bad, despite recent ICT troubles. Design plays a vital role in the communication between this governmental organisation and the citizens. It eases the pain of having to pay tax by guiding the taxpayers smoothly through the tax forms.

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