Beau et Bien

Lighting and electrical
Company name: Beau et Bien
Company size: Micro
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 2005
Nr. of Employees: <10

Case summary:
Summary: Emotion, backed up by experience, doubled the Profit of a start-up company in one year, in an overpopulated Market. Beau et Bien’s success lies in the balance between a strong concept anchored in Usersperception and a Global Design approach. Beau et Bien’s core values are: emotion, sense and Innovation. The experience and knowledge of the team creates a Culture that involves an integral Design language. Another essential aspect is the production Management of the outsourced manufacturing, which focuses on total Quality Management, careful selection and responsiveness of the subcontractors. The success of the current, wireless lighting, Products does not prevent Beau et Bien of thinking of other ranges of Products that might be in different fields. The core values of the company do not set limits in terms of Products orTechnology.

Experience and intuition: keys to success
The current range of products is focused on “wireless lighting”. The concept stems from the current evolution towards wireless, portable and handy devices, on one side, and the observation that light is not only perceived in functional terms, but is becoming also a decorative component. Yet, when looking at lamps in the home, it appeared that most, if not all, of them required wiring, making them difficult to move. There was a challenge to seize.
The idea of creating a small company that would develop a new range of lamps came over a lunch: Beau et Bien was set up in 2005 as a partnership between Sylvie Maréchal and Ad Hoc design.

Yet, turning an intuition that was not backed up by an initial market research into a successful set of products is a mix of experience and rigour…

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