Company name: Barrutoys
Company size: Small
Company web site:
Date of Foundation: 1968
Nr. of Employees: <50

Case summary:
Barrutoys shows how a business can use Design to differentiate itsProducts and its retail shops. Taking traditional toys and bringing them up to date, it uses Design as a tool to drive Innovation and to communicate with its Market. Products are designed in-house whilst Packaging andCommunications material is created by an External team. Design is used in its shops to provide a distinctive shopping experience, where the user can interact with the product, and touches all aspects of the business from web site to wrapping paper. The company manages Design as a business tool which it invests in to be innovative and achieve Results.

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Barrutoys is a family business that began in 1968 in Terrassa (Barcelona). It began as a toy store called Barruguet and currently, in addition to marketing, it designs and produces toys which are distributed to 500 stores domestically and abroad. Its beginnings are associated with the drive and conviction of its founder, Carme Ferrusola, who looked for toys for her daughters that were different from those available on the market at that time and were linked to memories of her childhood, to her favourite toy, to that which is currently known as a traditional toy…

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